Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Busy Busy Busy !!!

Hitting the Gym, Cooking, Swimming, Painting, Visiting, & A New Fish! 

You name it, we have probably had our hands in some part of it! January has been a busy month for us so far. 

Lil D has been doing a fantastic job at his swimming lessons! His tiny toes could reach the bottom of the shallow end last summer. I have a feeling he'll want little to do with the kiddie pool this year! I'm looking forward to working with him in the "big kid" pool once summer arrives!  Ahhh....summer!!!!

Speaking of summer; I've been trying to "hit" the gym as much as possible and it is showing! (so exciting) :) 

We had a busy weekend. Not only did Lil D have his swimming lesson, but I picked up some water color and paint brushes for him. This kept him busy all weekend. We painted some pictures together and he did a bunch on his own. Of course we had to paint a picture of Blueberry! Lil D's Betta Fish:) We picked her out this past Sunday and got her all "set up". We also visited my nephew Sam, who Lil D just loves hanging out with!

Getting Blueberry's "house" all set up!

My nephew Sam on he left and Lil D on the right

For dinner tonight we made Sweet and Slightly Spicy Shrimp with Brown Rice and Italian Style Green Beans. Shrimp is one of Lil D's favorites. If it wasn't for that these would have been totally SPICY! However I have to take care of that little tongue;) I was so happy to see Lil D eat these green beans just like french fries!

Sweet and Slightly Spicy Shrimp, Brown Rice, and Italian Style Green Beans
 Sooo... it is a start.... I posted a pic of the meal. Now I 'gotta" get the recipes on here! If anyone knows of the best way or website to use to add recipes to my blog, please leave me a comment! Thank you!!!



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